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Important Details on How to Degauss a Hard Drive

Destroying data has always been a necessary and sometimes legal requirement of many industries. It prevents sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands and its negative use. To destroy data stored in a hard drive, you will need other equipment other than shredders and incinerators. Data degaussing is one of those ways that is effective for destroying data on a hard drive. Drive degaussing is a fairly simple process, and here’s all you need to know about it.

The first important part is to know the meaning of degaussing. Degaussing is the effective process that erases or destroys information stored in a hard drive. The degaussing process can be accomplished by using a machine known as a degausser. Data storage on a hard drive works by coding information on a magnetic strip in the drive. A degaussing machine will normally create a strong electromagnetic field that destroys the ways information was stored and thus erase it. A degausser will permanently destroy all the data, meaning it can never be retrieved.

You can only successfully erase data using a degausser if you use the right machine. The ability of a hard drive to be degaussed by a certain machine will depend on its coercivity. The general rule is that; the higher the coercivity of a hard drive, the stronger the degausser required. Consult experts and read widely about such ratings so as to get the most effective machine for your needs.
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Other than the strength of their magnetic field, degaussers are also differentiated using other criteria. Most require electricity to operate while others do not. The machines also differ in their size and the amount of workload they can handle. You can even buy a portable degausser that you can comfortably move from once branch to another. In order to get the best, go for the government approved degaussers that have been tried and tested.
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Once you have the machine, the instruction are quite simple. The process normally involves passing through all the hard drives on the plugged in drive degausser.. The degaussing process can also render the hard drive unusable again on top of erasing current data. Use a degausser if you are also willing to lose the hard drive. After the data is destroyed, you can sell the hard drive to recyclers.

For companies that always have a lot of data to destroy, it is advisable that they buy their own machines. The others can hire the services of professional degaussing companies. Such services are always flexible, meaning the professionals can come to you or you can take the drives to them. Such companies will not only destroy the data, they will also get rid of the hard drives for you.