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The Advantages of eReaders

Are you an avid reader? Maybe you even belong to a book club or two.  If you’re like so many voracious readers, you tend to have several books and magazines going at the same time. It’s nice to be able to select from several different books depending on your mood and time available.  The market has exploded with eReader options. If the thought of giving up the feel and smell of your books is unfathomable, you’re certainly not alone.  The transition from hardback or soft back books to eReaders is a huge mental step.  Follow these suggestions from the reading warriors that have made the transition and refuse to go back to physical books.

The advantages of eReaders are so numerous. Unlike tablets with reading Apps, the screen on eReaders is gray scale. This eliminate eye fatigue and most closely mimics the feel of ready a physical book. The battery life of an eReader is also exceptionally long. This is not the case on tablets when using a reading App. Check out the awesome deals from Groupon for eReaders at  Barnes and Noble.

The ability to stick an eReader in your handbag or brief case and have all of your books and magazine available at the swipe of a finger is fabulous. If you’re stuck waiting in line or have extra time between appointments, it’s so easy to pull out your eReader and take advantage of spare time.

Those piles of books on the nightstand and coffee table will soon be a thing of the past. Your entire reading library can be accessed on your eReader. How’s that for convenience? Finally, the cost of best sellers, classics and magazine subscriptions is substantially less for eReader downloads than purchasing the actually book or magazine. eReaders allow you to save time, space and your hard earned money. Have fun with the transition. Give it a try and you’ll never turn back!